An Announcement

To the people who accidentally stumbled on this page, congratulations. You’re about to witness the rise of Insculpo.

Or, welcome to the first article of Insculpo Weekly.

Insculpo Weekly is a simple outlet for all Insculpo related content.

First and foremost, it is where you will get to learn more about a game I’ve been working on. It’s a space adventure game called Exospace.

The Main Menu of the current build

Exospace is a work in progress that I will be spending the next 4–5 weeks focusing on. Maybe i’ll release a combat demo, the combat systems are all there as are the bulk of game systems outside of loading/saving. Mind there’s still a lot more beyond that but it’ll at least be in alpha.

Second, there will be articles and maybe even videos on Futurist subjects. This will not be the brand of futurism you would expect from a physics or STEM major, mind. As you are going to get the perspective of a game design major. My general emphasis to be warned will be more on the worldbuilding and speculative side of things. There’s orders of magnitude better people than me on the subject matter of dyson swarms.

That leads into the third kind of article to expect here and that will be Stellar Abyss articles. Oh yeah, I got my own setting and it uses a lot of the logic from my futurist speculations. They go hand in hand and I spent my whole existence 2012 onward just doing worldbuilding so I have to talk about it. You are going to learn what the hell this is:

(spoiler: it’s Glinnvyr)

It’ll be great.

Finally expect some rant type articles on political subjects. And you might be thinking “But there’s Biden!”. But that’s where you went horribly wrong and probably should just filter those articles out while your can because I am a terminal case of Biden haterism. If you love your old gropey boy you’ve come to the wrong place. And I criticized from Biden’s left. I would rather we had Bernie, might have won more Hispanic voters. See, we already are getting a rant going so i’ll cool it for now.

So what’s next? Expect some articles in the following days on Exospace mainly. Exospace is the main emphasis for the next month. It’s an independent project so i’m working through Christmas and New Year’s.




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Dimitri Kusnetsov

Dimitri Kusnetsov

Setting Bible: ArtStation:

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